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1 août 2015 6 01 /08 /août /2015 21:57
Les arbres sont positifs dans les rues

Une nouvelle étude vient d’être publiée par Nature, montrant l’apport positif sur la santé des arbres plantés le long des RUES,

Nature hat vor kurzem eine neue Studie veröffentlicht über den positiven Einfluss von STRASSENbäume für die Gesundheit

A new study has been recently published by Nature, showing the benefit of STREET trees on health.


According to our findings improving health perception and decreasing cardio-metabolic conditions by

planting 10 more trees per city block is equivalent to increasing the income of every household in that city

block by more than $10,000, which is more costly than planting the additional 10 trees. (See the “Urban

Watershed Forestry Manual, Part 3 Urban Tree Planting Guide” for estimation of urban tree planting and

maintenance costs and other considerations for urban tree planting. Generally, planting and maintenance

of 10 urban trees could annually cost between $300 to $5000


The second important finding is that the “health” associations with tree density were not found (in a

statistically reliable manner) for tree density in areas other than beside the streets and along local roads.

It seems that trees that affect people most generally are those that they may have the most contact (visual

or presence) with, which we are hypothesizing to be those planted along the streets. Another possible

explanation could be that trees on the street may be more important to reductions in air pollution gen-

erated by traffic through dry deposition….


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